Thursday, September 12, 2013

Top Washi Tape Projects

Y'all know that I've fallen for washi tape in a big way this year.  It's easy to use and remove, colorful, fun, and a quick way to add personality to almost anything.  I've built up a pretty big collection and have used it all over the house.  


Pencils (use two strips of tape lengthwise)

Courtney (A Thoughtful Place) made some adorable washi straw flags.

Susan (Simply Modern Home) added some fun washi to a floral vase.

Christine (Just Bella) made washi magnets that I just adore.

Darnetha (ChippaSunshine) organizes her files with washi- love the colors and patterns she used.

My favorite and most-often used way to washi is in my daily planner.  Kinda like Wendy (Pretty Well Organized)

and Take 2 They're Small did with theirs.

How are you using washi tape?

On Honey We're Healthy: You can do this!

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Have a great WEEKEND!

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