Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DIY Fall Floral Wreath

Are you ready for a super quick and easy DIY project?  A faux hydrangea floral wreath is in order!  I made it with just a couple of inexpensive items and it took about 15 minutes to put together. 

You can find the flowers at any craft store, Hobby Lobby sells them often for 50% off.  I used 9 flowers, 3 of each color, and a large straw wreath form.  A wire cutter was used to cut the stems and scissors to make a small hole in the wreath form for where the flowers would go.  The steps are illustrated below.

Wreaths are beautiful hanging on doors and mirrors.  I found the burlap and satin ribbon at Hobby Lobby.  

Or you can attach the wreath form directly to a rubber wreath hanger that affixes directly to the mirror.  I used one like this.  I'm always surprised at how well they hold the wreath. 

Are you up for making your own wreath this season?

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