Sunday, December 30, 2012

Less and More in 2013

I've got a lot on my mind for 2013.  I began jotting down some ideas of what I want more of in my life and what I want less of.   The list started off with "less sugar" as I came down from my Christmas sugar coma and felt so blah- yucky skin, lower energy, and a feeling that I needed a sugar detox.  But the list immediately grew into deeper things.  The older I get, the more I find we all want these deeper things.  We all crave inner peace, a full life, and true love.

I'm hoping to keep the momentum of slowing down, keeping priorities straight and spending time purposefully going throughout the year.  I want peace and beauty.  Life and joy.  The promise of hope and a fresh start that a new year brings.  

I really think it's going to be a beautiful year.

* * * * *