Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY // Inspiration/Memo Board

Slowly but surely I've been updating my home office and one of the latest touches was to create an inspiration/memo board.  I'm still rummaging through old magazines for images that inspire, but the board is ready and looks good all on it's own thanks to this snappy black and white polka dot fabric I found at High Fashion Home.

You might recall this fabric as the "tablecloth" for the Pottery Barn mystery box challenge I participated in last year.  I like to use what's on hand and this pattern works perfectly in my office. 

To make the board, I covered a cork board with the fabric and stapled it taut with a staple gun. 

I folded the corners like I was wrapping a present. 

Then I added nailhead trim around the edge for a decorative detail. 

You can read about my fabric-wrapped books HERE.  And thanks for the sweet little birdie friend!

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Thank you all so much for entering the Lulu & Georgia giveaway and thank you Lulu & Georgia for the generous giveaway!  

The winner is:

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And, I figured out how to put a Facebook Like Box on my blog by reading THIS 3-step tutorial:

I need to be better about updating the HWH Facebook page.  

Are you active on Facebook? 

You guys know I love Pinterest and Instagram (@honeywerehome), but FB and Twitter haven't really gotten my attention as much.  I think there's only so much social media I can actively participate in at one time.  I like how FB helps reconnect you to old high school friends though- it's fun to get caught up and see what's going on.  

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Happy Martin Luther King day!