Friday, January 11, 2013

DIY (Fashion Inspiration Board)

When it comes to fashion and outfit inspiration, I need all the help I can get.  If it were up to me, in the fall/winter, I'd probably wear the same jeans and comfy/casual neutral shirt with boots (maybe adding a scarf), and in the summer, you'd see me in shorts, a tank top and flip flops.  I'm not too trendy, but I like to add a little bit of jewelry (stacks of bracelets look so cool but drive me crazy on my arm- when I'm at work, I always end up taking them off- so hard to type with!). My go-to style looks something like this:


I've got super stylish friends (Cassie, Courtney, Michaela, Natalie, Chassity, and Andee to name a few) that are great at pulling together different cute, hip outfits, but it doesn't come as easy for me- I lean towards neutrals (black, tan, and white) and tend to wear the same thing repeatedly.  But, I like to step outside my comfort zone and dress colorfully or wear prints sometimes too.

(p.s.  My favorite source for tanks is Mossimo Target.  They are great for layering and come in every color.  I love Express shorts in the summer, Hudson jeans, and Express casual three-quarter lightweight tees).

My "Fashion * Beauty * Hair" board on Pinterest is a great source of clothing inspiration, but I wanted some inspiration that was tangible and visible at-a-glance right inside my closet.  I figured this will help me when I'm choosing outfits in the future.

I had the perfect narrow wall adjacent to the mirror in my closet for the inspiration board.

I recycled the Target cork boards that were previously in our mudroom and covered them with fabric (leftover from my book project) to make them prettier.  They were $5 for a pack of 4 and I doubled them for this project to make them thicker.

Cut the fabric about two inches larger than the cork board and use spray adhesive to adhere the fabric to the board.

I used Command strips to hang the boards on the wall.

I just started going through my InStyle and People Style Watch subscriptions for some images to keep me inspired.

And then I found this encouraging "Hey Gorgeous."  Who doesn't want to hear that while they're getting ready in the morning?!  I especially like what it said below, "why not show yourself some love and stop fixating on your perceived figure flaws."  Yes, we can all do that. 

And thank you for all of your kind comments on Jenna's weight loss story on Honey We're Healthy.  I know she appreciated it so very much!

* * * * *