Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY // Gold Side Table

One of my new year goals is living more in the moment, but I have to admit, I'm already dreaming of Spring.  I'm tired of the dreary rain and cold weather we are having here in Houston.  Bring on the sunshine!  On Honey We're Healthy, I'm already dreaming of swimsuit season!  I added a dose of pretty to my master bedroom recently and it made the room (and me:) feel a little brighter. 

I had a small, black console table from Overstock from my old office that I spray painted gold.  The shiny metallic took it from boring to bling in an instant.  When shopping for things like furniture, picture frames, vases, etc., always keep in mind that, if the shape is right but the color is wrong, you may be able to spray paint it to make it right for your space. 

After I spray painted three light coats of Rust-Oleum bright coat metallic finish gold paint, I styled it with some books, a gorgeous vase of pink tulips from the grocery store, and one of my favorite pictures of my little guy.  (He's just two months old in that picture!)  

I was surprised to find Penguin Classics fabric covered books at Homegoods while I was doing Christmas shopping.   They were my Christmas gift to me this year!

Bloom, by Kelle Hampton is a great book (I read it in two days) and I love her blog.  Do you read it? 

Grocery store tulips are perfect for welcoming Spring!  Aren't they cheerful?

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And THANK YOU House Beautiful for sharing my fabric lined bookshelf!  What an unexpected surprise and honor. 

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