Friday, August 24, 2012

Organized Paint Supplies & Organized Home Link Party

Welcome to my Organized Home link party!  Y'all know how much I like to keep things organized and pretty at my house, but behind the scenes sometimes looks different.  There are many areas of our home that could use some help in the organization department.

I've been spending more time on home projects lately, but have been so annoyed when I'm looking for certain supplies and I can't find them in the chaos of an unorganized garage.

I knew I needed to take control of my supplies and relocate them to my garage (our house has two separate garages) where I can organize them how I like and also keep them at my eye level.  It's hard to tell, but in the picture above, I had to stand on my tip-toes to even see what was on the top shelf.

But my garage wasn't much better. . .

It took less than an hour to pull everything out, vacuum the floor, toss the trash, dust off the spiderwebs-eww!, and take what belonged inside to the house. 

I purchased a 5-tier shelving unit from Lowe's to hold all my paint and supplies.  I was surprised to see how much spray paint I've amassed over the years.

This is so much better!  I love that glorious "after" feeling!  Now I can see the rainbow of colors I have and stop buying more white because I think I'm out- I discovered that  I have about 10 cans of white spray paint!

* * * * * 

Link up any space in your home that you have organized!  It can be a whole room, or just a shelf or drawer- anything well-organized goes, maybe it's even a system you've developed to help your household run more efficiently.  Be proud of what you've accomplished in your home.  Let's be honest, it's not easy!

Feel free to grab my button too.  I'll keep the party open for a week and then feature some of your posts the beginning of September.  Thanks for linking up with me!

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