Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Honey We're Home on Television

The other day I received a message from Sally MacDonald, a gorgeous local reporter in our town.  She hosts a segment on Fox 26 called "Sally's Shabby Chic" that features home decor and DIY projects on Saturday mornings.  We ended up shooting two segments at my house that aired last weekend.

Although Sally and Raymond (the camera man) were absolutely wonderful to work with and helped me feel very comfortable, I still think I looked (and sounded like!) a dork on camera.  We only did one take per project and it's so hard not to be critical of yourself.  I am proud of myself for just doing it though- I was beyond nervous.

You can click the links below to watch the segment- but be kind!

Paper Lined Tray

No Sew Bench Seat

Two of my Houston friends have also been featured on Sally's Shabby Chic, Amanda Eck (Amanda Carol Interiors) and Cyndy (The Creativity Exchange).  They both did great and were also so sweet to email me after my segments with kind words, which I really appreciated.

Thank you Fox 26 Houston for the opportunity!

* * * * * 

Also, thank you for your support during the Pottery Barn Mystery Box Challenge.  Congratulations to all the bloggers who participated and to the winner, Shelley of How Does She?!

I'm off to meet up with Cassie, should definitely be a good day! 

 * * * * *