Monday, August 29, 2011

Top 10 Least-Polluting U.S. Metros

From the Urban Land Institute:

Top 10 Least-Polluting U.S. Metros: As greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction policies

gain momentum at the federal and metropolitan levels, a new study about urban

areas’ GHG emissions levels could have implications for real estate


It is stirking that LA is among the best 10, and is not materially different from Portland and is even a little better than Boston and Seattle. To be fair, the climate here is mild in both winter and summer (while it can get hot during the day, it almost always cools into the 60s or lower at night), and this allows us to avoid cranking up furnaces and air conditioners. But Portland and Seattle have pretty mild climates, too.

One could argue (and some have), that LA has accomplished this by being anti-business, hence driving polluters--along with their jobs--to other states. This may be correct, but ultimately, everyone is going to have to control carbon emissions. Perhaps this will give LA a first mover advantage.