Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Teacher Thank You

Inspired by some of my creative girlfriends, and with desire to thank James' teachers for being a blessing while we transition him from home with babysitter to daycare, I picked up a few Starbuck's gift cards as a small "thank you".

Using mini notecards and envelops, I created a message for each teacher that said "Thank You for making school fun" to include with the $10 gift card.

The envelops were created with my favorite "Honey Script" font.

I hope they like them!  

On the way home from school yesterday, James and I stopped at Starbuck's and had a little date.  He insisted on bringing Monkey and wubby (his blanket) inside too.  He ordered the chocolate milk and I had an iced tall 2-pump mocha.  We sat on the patio and chatted, "cheersings" our drinks too many times because he thinks its funny and I'm addicted to the sound of his laugh and the way he looks when he can't contain the laughter.  It was a sweet 15 minute stop on the way home that just might become a weekly tradition.

Man, I love this kid!!!  So, do you have any special "dates" with your kiddos?  I remember loving hearing about Cassie's holiday dates with her kids last year.  It's such a precious thing to be able to create and enjoy these moments with our kids and family.