Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Casey Grace Design (Gorgeous and Affordable Interiors)

I'm so happy for my good friend Courtney and her sister, Kristin, who have just announced the launch of their new design business, Casey Grace Design.  I was fortunate to "meet" Courtney when she first started her blog (A Thoughtful Place) and we quickly became friends via our blogs, then through email and texts, and finally phone friends, chatting about design and family life and everything in between.  She is truly a genuine, funny, and talented woman.  I've grown accustomed to checking in on Courtney's blog daily and am constantly inspired by the design in her home as well as the designs she creates for her clients.  What I love most about her design aesthetic is that it is always gorgeous, inviting, and approachable.  She creates rooms you just want to BE in.  She's also conscious of expense and is always finding inventive ways to bring beauty into a space.  Her projects and designs for kiddos are awesome too.

I browsed through the Casey Grace Design portfolio and was blown away by the look of every room.  Below are just a few of my favorite designs, but you can visit their website to see the full portfolio, or to inquire about their services.  They provide online style boards for all clients and personal consultations in Orange County, California. 

So proud of you friend!  Good for you for following your heart and making your dreams reality.