Friday, April 13, 2012

Pretty Trays for the Kitchen

I might be a little tray crazy (and basket crazy) for that matter.  I've never counted, but if I was forced to do so, I'm sure I could count at least 50 baskets and trays in our home.  In my defense, things look tidier and more collected when contained on a tray or in a basket.

Yesterday, I showed you how I cleaned out our "junk drawer" which then inspired me to deep clean our countertops.   I admit to getting anxious when our counters get too cluttered and my OCD side takes over and just clears everything off to start fresh.  I wipe all the surfaces down really well and only put back the minimum to keep the kitchen looking clean and simple.  Ahhh, I can breathe again:)

This time, I put my white Container Store tray near the kitchen sink to hold our dish soap, hand soap, and the little faux potted plant I made.  It instantly make the countertop look neater.

The dish soap is decanted in a glass bottle from Home Goods probably meant for olive oil.  But it looks so much prettier than my plastic bottle of Dawn.  

I also really enjoy keeping a small votive of live flowers or something like this tree clipping from our backyard at the kitchen sink.  It seems to make doing dishes a little happier.  

I'm also smitten with this wooden, square tray from Crate & Barrel that holds my most often-used cooking utensils and salt and pepper shakers.  

I added a little DIY framed art as a backdrop.  It's a calendar page framed in a Target frame.  

And since I've been on a cleaning/organizing kick lately, I wanted to share this older post with you about my TOP 3 things you can do to make you feel more organized.  

Whenever I need to feel organized quickly, I do at least one of these things.  Hope it helps you too! 

Have a great weekend!