Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blog Spotlight {Mini Manor Blog}

I love blogs and, over the last few years, have really fallen in love with many that I check in with daily, never missing.  It's just become part of my day to see what so-and-so has been up to (even though I don't always leave comments-bad blogger!).  Other blogs, although I want to read more, I don't always have the time, so I read them a few times a week, or get to when I can- typically catching up on Friday nights.  I have lots of blogs in my reader and that I subscribe to and I love browsing them, always finding great inspiration, pictures of gorgeous families, cute babies, and tales of lives lived and projects completed by the home blogger.  

But isn't it exciting when you happen upon a new (to you) blog?  One that "speaks" to you and you get sucked in, going back through old posts, reading for hours, and feeling like you've found a new BFF even though they have no idea who you are?  Tonight, that happened to me.  I came across the Mini Manor blog and was immediately smitten. 

First of all, her story totally intrigued me.  Ashli is a 28 year-old housewife.  That's right, a real, live, no kids-yet, woman who stays at home.  They live solely on her husband's income.  In her "About Me" page, she says she should have been born in 1950!  I love it.  I have a very traditional side to me too, and often wonder if I should be staying home with my son. (I work a very flexible full-time schedule, but my 2 year old son goes to preschool/daycare usually 5 days a week).  But I digress.  

Back to Ashli- I love her simple, organized, green living philosophy.  And when I look at her home (a basic builder home in British Columbia) I see that she and her husband have added so much crisp charm and character to it.  I greatly admire homes that are simple, not over stylized, and look effortless.  Just easy to be in.  They make you want to come over for a visit and never leave- you instantly feel right at home.

I'm just going to show you a few pictures to illustrate what I mean, and you can check out the gorgeousness for yourself at Mini Manor.  

Her beautiful entryway.  How inviting!  I dig the black deer head, the neutral quatrefoil rug, lively green plant and gorgeous molding.

The library.  So bright and airy and fresh!  I'm starting to think I need to add a few plants to my house. (Did the rug get transferred? Must go back and investigate further:) (update: It's another, identical rug! She loved it so much and since the rooms are next to each other, they look cohesive with the same rug).

Beautiful dining room.  And you gotta see her Easter table.

I think her living room is a place I'd like to sit down at and relax in. It's nice that her t.v. isn't the focus of the room- you kinda barely notice it.  She keeps her neutrals interesting with the pops of yellow for Spring.  I adore the frames over the mantle and the basket on the coffee table.  She has more detailed shots on her blog. 

And talk about organized- a woman after my own heart!  Makes me want to go clean my kitchen right now and it's 9:38 p.m. as I'm typing this!

Have I gotten your attention?  Go pay Ashli a visit! :)  


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