Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours!

I finally ordered our family Christmas cards.  Yeah, it's a little late- should be here by the 14th, which means my friends and family might get them by Christmas if I get them addressed and in the mail in time:)

I couldn't decide if I was going to splurge on the Tiny Prints photo cards, do a less expensive Walgreens version, or buy regular cards and possibly put a photo inside?? Decisions, decisions.  Then I recalled the cute family photo we took earlier this year and I knew it had to be the one for our cards.  I went with the Tiny Prints card below.

I added the (1) after James' name after receiving some cards where the sender did that- I thought it was a good idea so you could reference how old the children are in the photo.  Looking back, it might be hard to remember.

My other favorites are below.  Isn't it cool how you can customize the card and preview it to see which one is your favorite?

I really liked the "Spread Holiday Cheer" but James' foot got cut off and I didn't want to have to keep resizing.

And below, his head and feet were cut off.  I'm sure I could've fixed it, but I really like the one we ended up choosing- so festive.  You really can't go wrong, can you?!

Are you doing cards this year?  I almost didn't!