Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DIY {$20 No Sew Curtain Liners}

Y'all know I'm not the greatest DIYer out there, so if I did it myself, you can too!  A few weeks ago I bought fabric to have drapes made for our dining room.  I had a seamstress make them, and she did a great job, however, in my haste, I measured wrong (too long) and did not buy fabric for her to line them with.  I guess I thought I could skip that step, but once they were hung, I realized they really needed to be lined because the fabric is a loose weave, and you could see the blinds through them during the day.

See what I mean?  Ug!

I wanted a cheap, quick solution, so I made a curtain liner out of a twin-sized Target bed sheets.  I think they were $10 each.  Last time I bought fabric liner from Joann's, I think it was $5 a yard on sale.  These sheets are thin, so if you want a heavier liner, I'd go with a thicker fabric.

The twin sheet width was wide enough to cover the width of the curtains, but about a foot too short (we have 10-foot ceilings in this room).  Since the window doesn't go all the way to the floor, you can't tell that the liner doesn't extend all the way to the floor.

I lay the sheet on top of the drapes and used no-sew tape to iron the pieces together.  I started along the top, then did each side, leaving the bottom alone. 


I also "no sewed" the hem to make the drapes the proper length.  Much better!  

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