Friday, November 1, 2013

2014 Calendars

Hi all!  Did you have a great Halloween night?!  We did! Our neighborhood doesn't get many trick-or-treaters and we considered taking our son to another, more lively area, but ended up staying close to home.  It was a mellower Halloween, but I think just fine for a 3 year-old.  I need to start writing down the things that come out of my son's mouth, he's super funny and so outgoing.  He was talking the ear off of everyone who opened the door- poor neighbors! :)

And now it's officially November 1.  Wow, hard for me to grasp that we are closing in on the end of the year.  But you know one of the things I look forward to most about the beginning of a new year? . . . A new calendar!  You too?  Being a genuine adorer of paper and anything paper-related that is beautiful and well-made makes me giddy to purchase a new calendar each year.  And I'm very particular about the calendar I decide on because I don't want to switch mid-year.  But, that's not to say I won't buy multiple calendars for the same year: a "family calendar" for the kitchen; an office wall calendar that is like art; a small desk calendar for my desk; and always a large, functional calendar that lays flat on my desk that I keep my blog schedules on.  I have also been known to frame the gorgeous calendar images, so they are good for that purpose too.  

Here are some of the calendars I'm eyeing for 2014.

From left to right:

While looking online at calendars for this post, I found even more so I may have to do a Part 2 in the future.  

On Honey We're Healthy: Finishing 2013 Healthy & Strong!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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