Friday, June 1, 2012

Top MAY Posts and June Preview

Bring on summer, right?!  Here's a brief look back at what we were up to in May in case you missed it. 

I started off the month with efforts at eating healthier foods.  I'm happy to say we're still at it, but, yes, there is still some of this

I shared what a typical Saturday looks like around here.  I wasn't too surprised to hear that my Saturdays are a lot like yours. 

I added a cowhide rug to our living room and a colorful striped rug to our kitchen.  I'm still digging the look of both of these rugs.  

I took a third stab at updating our "mantle" for Spring.  I found that mirror for just $30 at HomeGoods!

And finally, we made some progress on our master bedroom, but as always, it's a work in progress.

So, what's up for June?  We'll be planning a backyard BBQ, preparing for Father's Day, sharing our Guest Room, and Master Bathroom.  And hopefully, there'll be lots of trips to the pool and keeping cool with ice cream!   Summer in Houston is HOT!