Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Fit Foods

Well, life has been super busy around here lately and although I have fantasies of cooking healthy and delicious Barefoot Contessa-type meals for my family, it's not gonna happen this week.  So, My Fit Foods to the rescue!

My Fit Foods is pre-cooked packaged healthy meals that you just heat up for a couple minutes and they are ready to eat.  My husband is tying to eat healthier too, so he's game for it this week.  We bought enough for each of us for lunch and dinner.  I buy the small and he gets the medium or large (a large would be about enough for two meals for me).  Normally, I might just buy a couple a week to take to work for lunch so I don't have to go out or bring leftovers.

One of my favorite meals is the Atlantic Baked Salmon with quinoa and broccoli.  But I also really like the salmon cakes, chicken wrap, and chili.  They have breakfasts too and tons of choices.

The nutrition information is provided on each package, like this for my salmon:

All of the meals are based on a  40% low glycemic carbohydrates, 40% lean protein, and 20% healthy fat.  

I know My Fit Foods is in Texas and opening a location in Phoenix too.  I'm wondering if there's something similar where you live, and if so, have you tried it?  What do you think?  I remember before I tried it, the thought of pre-packaged foods sounded pretty bad, but they are actually good and you can't beat the convenience.   p.s.  I'm not being compensation by MFF for this post- I just wanted to share:)