Friday, October 21, 2011


When I have some time to myself, one of my favorite things to do is go to the fabric store and browse the aisles looking at all the color combinations, patterns, and styles.  In my neck of the woods, there is a Joann Fabric store nearby, and they have a nice selection, especially their specialty fabrics.  I found the fabric for my office drapes there.

A little further away is my favorite High Fashion Home.  They have several floors of fabrics, bolt upon bolt, everything from silk to leather, upholstery and drapery, and tons of styles and selections.  I've been known to spend hours browsing, coming home with a purseful of samples.  Here are a few I shot with my phone on a past visit.

The fabric for my living room/breakfast room drapes was purchased from High Fashion Home.  And you may recall that most recently, our dining room will be finally getting a set of drapes with this new fabric.

I've also ordered fabric online before from and have been happy with my order.

Where do you find your fabric?  I've heard that Calico Corners and Tonic Living are good, but I've never shopped them.