Monday, July 29, 2013

Revival Market // Steel Cut Oatmeal

I don't normally post my instagram pics (@honeywerehome) on the blog, I prefer to keep them more intimate snapshots of day-to-day life, but Sunday morning's breakfast I can't stop thinking about.  If you are in Houston, Revival Market is a local spot in an area of town known as the Heights.  The Market is popular for it's fresh selection of meats and food goods, but is also a deli and breakfast cafe.  I tried it for breakfast for the first time this weekend, and was hooked after the first sip of coffee.  I love a good cup of coffee in the morning (so much so that I added a "Coffee and Tea" board on Pinterest:).

I ordered the steel cut oatmeal and it came with fresh apricots, warm milk, and brown sugar.  Pure deliciousness.

My son ordered "toast" and it was the best, flakiest biscuit I've ever tasted.  

I asked him if I could take another picture, and he said, "I gotta put butter on it first."  I will never tire of seeing his pudgy baby hands in action. 

If you're ever in Houston, this is one place I'd recommend.

Where do I need to eat in your town?  Please share! 

* * * * *