Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Organized Scarves

We got a little tease of cooler weather today, which has me pulling out the scarves that I cannot wait to wear again! When we get days without humidity it feels like the whole city is in a collective good mood.  We certainly appreciate it because it's so rare. I finally found a simple way to organize those scarves that I'll be getting to wear soon too.  I wanted to be able to hang them in a way that didn't take up too much space and so that I could see them all at a glance.  

I found a belt and tie hanger on Amazon and thought it might be perfect for scarves.  The hanger has 14 hooks, therefore, holds 14 scarves:)

I think it's a perfect solution to the scarf mess.  

The hanger is metal, so obviously it's super sturdy and can hold a lot of weight. 

It's so cool to be able to see all the scarves hanging nice and neat instead of crumpled up in a bin and getting wrinkled.  I like them hanging as opposed to folded too because it makes them easier to grab and go.

My most favorite scarves are gifts, but I also really like the Stella & Dot scarves.  They are BIG and you can wear them a million ways.  In the summer, I'll wear them as a bathing suit cover up.  They have a cute 2-minute video showing 10 ways to wear your scarf here.  

I'm also a fan of infinity scarves too, kinda in love with this one from Kate Spade.

This cozy light blue one Echo is also on my list.

Leopard from Express- yes, please! 

Totally drooling over the creamy white Michael Kors.

Okay, I better stop now or I'm going to need another scarf hanger!

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And big congratulations to my friend Michaela on the launch of her new interior design business (Michaela Noelle Designs). I'm so proud of you- your future is so bright! 

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