Monday, May 20, 2013

Cleaning Up

I'm feeling a whole lot lighter after tackling a chore that I'd been avoiding for a couple weeks- cleaning up the accumulating mess in my office.  It's the result of James' art projects from school, home files, Stella & Dot stuff, craft things, and magazines.  It's all the stuff that didn't belong downstairs, and so I rightfully bring it up, but instead of putting it away properly, I just dumped it on my office floor.  You do this too? Move one pile to the next until you can't stand it anymore.

I avoid my office completely when it looks like this so it was time to get it cleaned up.  It didn't take long to throw out the trash and put things back where they belonged. 

So much better!  Doesn't it feel so good to get things organized and cleaned up?  It's a fresh start to the week!  Hope you have a great one!