Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Living Room Sectional (Pottery Barn Pearce) - A Review

Our sectional is from, the Pearce Chaise Sectional to be precise and I wanted to let you know the pros and cons in case you are considering this sofa for your home.  Overall, I would buy this couch again, but I wish the back cushions held their shape better.

This sectional comes in four pieces and can be configured so that the chaise is on the left or right. You have to be careful when placing your order so you get the correct piece.  

The couch is big!  It's long enough seat several people and also to take an afternoon nap.

For our space, the sectional fits our living room perfectly.  I love having the chaise lounge and you can typically find me there.  I claimed it from the very beginning.  Well, James and I claimed it. 

The fabric on our sofa is Everyday suede in Light Wheat, but it also comes in a variety of different fabrics and colors.   Light Wheat is a neutral dark tan.  You can take swatches of their fabric home for free.  The suede is great because it is soft and wipes clean easily.  The only stain I haven't been able to remove is an ink pen.  All spilled milk and other unidentified spots have disappeared with a scrub of soap and water.  

My disappointment in this sofa is the back cushions.  They get so "mushed" and lose their shape- especially the ones that get the most use.   I continually have to refluff them.   The cushion covers do unzip, so I guess I could purchase a new insert- I haven't looked into that, but might consider it. For now, I've added another pillow insert into the one cushion that goes where I sit.  

Be mindful that with a sectional like this (with the chaise), you can't have a very large coffee table in the middle.  There are about 70 inches inside, but you need to have room to walk around the coffee table, so the widest coffee table you can reasonably have is about 40 inches.  

I think this couch is popular- I've seen it in my friend Courtney's home (A Thoughtful Place).  I'm not sure we have the same fabric/color though.  And her cushions don't look as smushed.  :)

Balancing Home has the Pearce in Oat.  

If you have any questions about this sofa, let me know and I'll answer in the comments. 

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Have a great weekend!