Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Book Bin on Wheels

Furniture and crates on casters is a big look right now.  I've seen much better DIYers than myself make them from scratch.  I found ours at One Kings Lane.  It's a mini wooden crate on steel wheels (that do roll) and I put it to use holding some of James' books.

His books seem to be everywhere lately.  I keep about half of them downstairs so that we can read in the living room.  But we didn't have a good place for the books.  When they were stored behind the media cabinet doors, it seemed he forgot about them.  So, I wanted to keep them out, but not lose them in the big baskets with the rest of his toys. 

This little cart was the perfect storage solution!  Now he can see his books and they have a specific home, so he knows where to find them and put them away. 

Do you keep your kids' books in shelves? I think we're going to need a bookshelf for his room soon. I like those shelves that attach to the wall, but his room has wainscoting, so I don't think that would work, and he's too little to reach above the wainscot right now.

For now, keeping his books in this crate and in bins upstairs seems to be working.