Monday, June 7, 2010

How New Urbanist Jeff Speck would fit into the Bush Adminstration

My colleague Lisa Schweitzer points me to Jeff Speck's screed against those who would question some of the tenants of the New Urbanist movement.  This line stands out in particular:

To this group [libertarians], which is quite skilled at mustering facts in support of its utterly counterintuitive claims, the only rebuttal is to revert to common sense and a single question: How, by any possible stretch of the imagination, could it be considered efficient, healthy, or even acceptable to have spent the better part of a society’s wealth constructing a national landscape in which most citizens require a one-ton, poison-belching prosthetic device to satisfy their daily needs? (Slap forehead and continue … )
Yes, Jeff, let us ignore facts and respond to them with common sense.  The most recent administration didn't like facts much, and clearly neither do you.  If you don't like the evidence, just ignore it.  Because we all know that like George W Bush, Duany knows all, and can't be bother with facts--such as the fact that people all over the world really, really like their cars.